A stunning voice

New Jersey native Paula Franceschi writes rock songs that view the passions and follies of youth with the wry tolerance of maturity. With the fierce individuality of a Patti Smith, Randy Newman or Leonard Cohen, married to the deep, authentic feeling of Otis Redding and Amy Winehouse, these eleven tracks introduce a new voice to female-fronted modern American rock.

Mining a deep cache of original songs that pay homage to genres from the 50’s to the present, her band has honed the arrangements in years of gigging around Los Angeles. Rock, blues, pop, soul, and Phil Spector-style arrangements blend in a sound that is highly accessible, yet uniquely hers, featuring her solid and nuanced rhythm guitar playing, accomplished lyric-writing, strong story-telling, vivid character-sketches, and emotional, idiosyncratic singing style.


Listen To My Latest Jam

Blues Riff No.1

This is a jam I’ve been working on and what I want to work on next.